Freely hovering amongst genres, surrounded by 70´s rock, 80´s pop, electronic indie and soul, Swedish artist Bluephox has created her own musical language. She blends carefree, laid back melodies with blue melancholy and persuasive beats, performed with a characteristic vocal nerv.


Bluephox, or Philippa Magnusson, grew up in Stockholm with the sea and music as eternal constants. The later thanks in large part to her dad, who was a successful guitarist in the 60´s. Her father introduced his musical heritage to her childhood home outside Stockholm. Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison and Sting spun endlessly on the turntable while her big brother sat at the piano playing Stevie Wonder, The Average White band and Supertramp. The cellar was a fully equipped rehearsal room where friends such as Oskar “Ossi” Bonde (that later became part in JohnOssi) and Petra Marklund (now also known as September) passed through the years in various band constellations. In her late teens, she fell in love with an inspirational singer who uses her voice as an instrument - soul queen Erykah Badu.

In that mix of influences, we find Bluephox and when she released her debut single "Gold" on May 22nd 2020, with a remix signed Adam Rickfors soon after, the praises from both Swedish and international press were not modest. She was compared to a modern version of Fleetwood Mac, hailed as a Favorite in BBC1 and premiered on Sweden's radio P3. Now releasing her second single "Paul's Boutique" she does it again in collaboration with producers and songwriters Mats Björke (ex Mando Diao) and Ludvig Larsson from LAB259. This time also with Yvonne Dahlbom.

“Bluephox is a gift to myself. A trip to my past where I allowed myself to land. I have done away with old relationships, processed both my and others' failures, danced over broken glass and come out whole and clean on the other side. Now I want to share it. “

Bluephox about her new single Paul's Boutique:


Someone told me to write a letter to myself. As a way to deal with a person from my past. I sat down to write. But the pages remained empty. I realized that I had already written the letter, in "Paul's Boutique". The song is about a desperate person selling lies. And faux fur. On sale. It is about the fact that lies can become a profitable business in the short term. But the truth must be carried with life.


“Paul's Boutique” is also a wink to the hip-hop group Beastie Boys' second 1989 album of the same name. The album is about Paul's Boutique vintage store on Manhattan's Lower East Side. In fact, the store was called Lee's Sportswear and was somewhere completely different. Even this milestone for hip hop albums was based on a contradiction. And also a favorable one."

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